9.16 Webium modpack

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Webium modpack

Webium modpack is here and it is optimized for the latest version of the game.

Here are some of screenshots of the modpack:




Download link


List of mods in modpack:

XVM (minimap, hitlog, sixth sense sound)
– Zoom Out
– Shtys Damage Panel with taken damage + attacker info
– Radial Menu + Time announcer + Killcounter
– Accurate Damage Indicator
– White Dead tanks
– Yellow Rail Wagons
– Big Hotkeys for Ammo and Consumables
– Clock in hangar
– BotDetect
– No Intro Video
– Max Farplane
– Premium Hangar
– Downloadable Tech Hangar (Bat Cav

– Shtys Minimalistic Crosshair
– Critical Hit Sound
– SquadCommand – chat and minimap clicks with platoon only (switch platoon/team with F12)
– WN8 Session Stats
– Deegie’s Sight
– Always visible outlines for Allies (over 100m distance)
– Total HP




Disclaimer: Some mods included can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers. 

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