500,000 Subscriber Video Contest by Mighty Jingles

500,000 Subscriber Video Contest

500,000 Subscriber Video Contest is hosted by the Mighy Jingles. So, lets quote what he wrote:

“To celebrate reaching 500,000 subscribers (again) we’re giving away prizes to the makers of the most entertaining World of Tanks and World of Warships videos.

World of Tanks Video Prizes:
3x Type 59 
3x Type 62 
6 x Type 64 

World of Warships Video Prizes:
6 x Sims
6 x Yubari 
10 x 25 x economic flags + 3 days premium codes

Prizes apply to PC players on the EU or NA servers only. Any winners from the SEA server will have a prize selected from that regions’ Premium Gift Shop.

*How To Enter*
This is the important stuff. Create your video, upload to YouTube and send the link to *jinglescontests@gmail.com.* Include in the email your WOT/WoWs account name and which server you play on. All entries must reach me before the deadline of midnight GMT on Monday 11th July.

I’ll create a YouTube playlist of all the videos I receive and make it available so everyone can watch while I choose the winners. May the most entertaining video win, and good luck to everyone. I hope you have fun making your video!

For editing your video:
Microsoft Movie Maker: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/h…
*Note* Movie Maker isn’t officially supported in Windows 10, but you can still use it. Failing that, try the Windows Store for a huge range of free video editors.

For capturing your gameplay or replays:
nVidia GFX card users can use the Shadowplay app that comes included with your video card software, or:
Bandicam Video Capture: https://www.bandicam.com/
OBS Video Capture: https://obsproject.com/download ”


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