Repair Extended mod for WoT by Spoter

Repair Extended Repair Extended

Repair Extended


– auto repair
– auto heal
– scripted extinguisher

All settings are in: \res_mods\configs\repair_extended\repair_extended.json

Download link

Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers. 

3 thoughts on “ Repair Extended mod for WoT by Spoter

  1. asfghj Reply

    Great mod, works fine, doesnt include a fire extinguisher though, so you still have to use the premium one…

      • asfghj Reply

        Thanks for the tip, but I think I will resist, because I would have to switch my premium fire extinguishers for regular ones on all of my tanks. And then with the next patch the mod won’t work anymore and I’ll have to switch it all back, that’s not worth it for me, I’m swimming in credits xD

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