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“The Relhax Modpack – The fastest WoT modpack installer in the world. A refresh of the OMC modpack.

relhax modpack

Description and reason for development

This project is in dedication of the RELIC Gaming Community, as well as the OMC modpack dev team (which includes me, :)). A big thank you to them and their original work, especially to grumpelumpf. The work done of the modpack over the years will not be forgotten.

When I looked at the current modpack installers, they all look the same: in size, in UI, and were all made with the inno setup creator. Many describe these installers as “clunky and slow”. Trying to get that perfect mod setup can sometimes take hours. Have you ever had a “modpack setup night”?

The goal of this modpack is to redefine what a modpack installer can be, while keeping a simple and straightforward interface. Instead of using an inno setup template, I decided to make my own template in Microsoft’s C# programming language. Some of the UI features in this modpack are new(tab category view), and some are kept in line with previous modpacks (right click to preview).


Modpack Features – Why would you use this modpack over any other modpack?

Improved UI

Instead of a giant unscrollable list of hard-to-find mods to select from, the mods are presented in tabs, each tab page being a mod catagory. Xvm has a tab page, garage stats have a page, damagelogs have a page, etc. Mods per tab are sorted alphabetically

Each Window can have it’s font type changed. The font size, regardless of type you choose, can be increased as well.

The Mod selection window and mod preview window are resizeable.

The Mod preview window picture viewer has been re-designed, while keeping the familiar user interface:

Pictures load asynchronously. This means that The UI does not lock up waiting for the picture to load.

The picture viewer is web-based. You hard drive won’t become cluttered with pictures.

Mod selections can be saved

Like OMC, you can save and load your mod selections to and from a file.

You can even use this file to automate the install process (See Automation Section)


The loading and installation times of this modpack vs. other major modpacks have been reduced by up to 92% and 60% respectively(1), on a standard hard drive, and make finding the configurations you like much quicker.


The modpack and be set at command line with a “/auto-install config_file_name.xml” switch to automatically install the modpack, with your preference of mods selected. In this situation, you could install without any interaction, and update all your mods in seconds.


relhax modpack

relhax modpack

Version 26:

This is the biggest and most significant update yet!
-The application is now signed with a trusted certificate from the StarCom signing authority! say goodbye to virus and certificate warnings!
-Un-checking all options in the selection list no longer rebuilds the UI, where it does that weird “collapsing” of the window
-The size information of each mod and config is now displayed in the most accurate size (kb, mb, etc), and shown with the local method of display (US decimal is “.”, EU is “,”)
-Added translations to the installation steps
-Many users missed from OMC the option to load a config from one of the developer team members. That feature is back
-The dependency system has be updated again, so now it can use boolean logic to determine if a package should be installed. For example, you no longer have to specify if you want to “xvm” or “non xvm” version of mirroring the contour icons
-Added the first level of configs to the search bar
-(For database managers) we have now added a GUI for editing the database!
At this time, all OMC and other features have been implemented. We can now focus more on the database and application bug fixes. We hope you enjoy this latest build!
-The Relhax Modpack Team

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