PROJECT R – 1 day of premium and a lot more for free


A piece of the long-lost blueprint belonging to a sunken Warship was salvaged from a wreck located deep in an unmarked location. Now, we are requesting additional support and assistance to salvage the rest of the blueprint before it is lost to the depths of the ocean forever.




What does this all means to a regular folk?

Well, lets put it this way, enlist and you will get for free:

  • 100,000 credits for all participants
  • 1 day of Premium Account for all active participants
  • 200,000 credits for all participants
  • 10 of each signal flag type for all players
  • x3 XP event for the following weekend
  • 25 free camouflages for all participants
  • x3 commander XP for the following weekend + 500,000 credits for all participants
  • 2,000 Kamikaze lottery – between all participants with at least 150 pearls collected

and if you get more than 260 pearls, then you get the Kamikaze ship for free and for sure.
Get your free stuff while they are fresh: (EU)


You are playing on the American server? Well, your rewards are a little different:

  • 300,000 Credits for all participants
  • 1 Day of Premium time for all partcipants
  • Unlock Special Razer Chest on the Treasures page
  • 10 of each Signal Flag to all participants + Upgraded Weekly Treasure Chest rewards
  • x3 Commander XP Event + 500,000 Credits for all participants
  • x25 Type 3 camouflage to all participants
  • x3 XP event for an upcoming weekend
  • 1,000 Kamikaze lottery – between all participants with at least 150 pearls collected
  • 4,000,000 Credits to all participants (End of Event)


check out the info here: (NA)

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