Massive giveaway – premium tanks, gold and premium time


Another massive giveaway is about to take place and we can all thank Oops The Tough Giraffes for it.

What is included in this giveaway and what are the conditions? See what Oops The Tough Giraffes said about it:


“Hello Tankers!Massive giveaway
We are proud to announce a new giveaway which will start now and end at the 13.02.2016 at 23:59! This time it will be all about our awesome youtube channel:
So basicly we have 4xT6 premium tanks, 12.000 Gold and 84 days of premium only for YOU!
For our giveaway obtain following rules/stepps:
We have 4 different videos where you should make a comment. Per video, the funniest comment will get a T6 premium tank which can be choosen by the winner himself.
However, the top 3 comments with the most likes will also get a bonus code!
Last but not least it is important to know that you can win more then once!
So everything is explained and now you can click on the links bellow and start to comment!
You can write comments in English/Polish/German/French
Don’t forgett to share this giveaway and subscribe our channel.
Have fun and may the funniest guys win”

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