FREE codes for WoWs

FREE codes for WOWs

free codes



Razer is giving WoWS codes for new and existing accounts if you follow these steps:

  1. Download RAZER COMMS
  2. Join the official [Razer] World of Warships Community on Razer Comms
  3. Once you have verified that you have successfully joined the community, the codes will be given to you.
  4. And now that you have the code… well, you can continue using Razer Comms (its quite good) or you can uninstall it. The choice is yours.


Interested what codes are included?

For new players:

  • 1 Diana Ship
  • 500 Doubloons
  • Port Slot
  • 3 Days of Premium


For existing players:

  • Port Slot
  • 1 Day of Premium


Which is great as Premium is shared across games, so your WOT gameplay is also improved 😀

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