9.17 Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY

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Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY

Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY

Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY. Check out this modpack from WHYPHY. It has all the mods that every tanker will and could ever need.

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Advanced Aiming System by GPCracker

[ZJ] AimBot – Shaytan TRIAL
AutoAim BlackWot by SAE 3.5
AutoAim BlackWot by SAE 5.2
AutoAim by SAE 18.1
AutoAim by SAE 19.9 Test
Fkzcrf & Eprst AimBOT
VANGA AimBOT 2.1 by Stealthz & Lportii
AutoEquip by ktod & Ekspoint
Auto Repair Extended 2.08 by Spoter
Chameleon Customization by Gox
Broken Objects by Roughnecks
Destroyed Objects by doc77
ModificationDestructible by ProstoNoob
Broken Destructibles by Polar Fox
Direction Box Full v2 by Spoter
Fast Track Repair on Space by Spoter
Free Camera
Lasers by Kainenger
Warsermods Lasers

Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers. 

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  1. Warning! 9.17 Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY have trojan at tundra files mod.

    • What antivirus do you use? Avast? If it is avast or AVG, they classify all the mods as trojans -.-”

  2. Check the blackwot website for the latest version of the Whyphy cheat pack:


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