News about illegal mods

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    I will quote plazmakeks blog post so that you all get all the info on what excatly happened with Wargaming Fair Play Policy 2: ” – First data say’s that Wotspeak/Tundra users got banned. From the Wotspeak admin justdj: *Say … Continued

    Fair Play Policy for World of Tanks

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    Fair Play Policy Hello everybody. Today Wargaming announced their “fight” against illegal mods once again in their Fair Play Policy. This is a quote of their post: “Commanders, Over the course of this last year, we’ve been working hard to … Continued


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    First of all, massive thanks to Rita’s blog for providing us with this valuable information. Let’s qoute her post: “Hello, A NA Community Coordinator, GhostPrime has written his version of the IS-6 armor changes coming soon in the 9.14 patch, which by … Continued

    FV4202 P Buff

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    FV4202 P Buff According to Rita STATUS REPORT, the newest addition to the Premium shop, tier 8 British medium tank, the FV4202 P is gonna get buffed.     Price: 7300   8000 Aim time: 2.21   2.49 Accuracy: 0.316   … Continued

    Armored Warfare: Daily Bonus System

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    For all of you tank commanders out there, Armored Warfare has implemented the “Daily Bonus System”. What does that mean? If you log in once a day, you will get rewards, simple as that. Rewards: 1st Day: 2000 Credits 2nd Day: 500 Global … Continued

    Premium Shop: Panzer 58 Mutz

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        “When Switzerland joins the brawl, you can bet your engine compartment that things are about to get pretty darn serious! Meet the Panzer 58 Mutz, a Tier VIII Premium medium tank that has descended from the Alps to … Continued

    Mission Marathon: FV4202 (P)

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    For all of you commanders out there who are interested in new tier 8 British premium medium tank, the FV 4202 (P), for free, Wargaming has issue a mission to obtain one of them. Mission Marathon Reward: FV4202 (P) (50% … Continued

    FV 4202 P Mission info

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    “Since we have been receiving lots of questions regarding the upcoming mission to obtain the rebalanced FV4202 tier VIII British premium medium tank, here is a short update! To be eligible for the mission you will need to have the … Continued

    Changes in EU Forum Reputation

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    It seems like there are a few changes that awaits the EU forum regarding reputation system. English Community Manager Brynd said: “Greetings Commanders!   On Monday, January 18th we intend to remove the reputation system and replace it with a new system for … Continued