AutoEquip mod

Advertisement AutoEquip mod Getting tired of manually demounting and mounting binocular and camo net equipment? AutoEquip mod does this for you. If you don’t have binoculars and camo net in …

Spotted Extended

9.20.1 Spotted Extended light

Advertisement Spotted Extended Spotted Extended mod is designed to indicate which enemies have been spotted by the player. Estimated spotting damage ia also provided but be warned, display and calculation of …

star sky

9.20.0 Star Sky By Pb13

Star Sky is a mod by Pb13 that makes the sky in all the maps – a star sky. You can look at the moon, at the stars and imagine that you are on a date while destroying some tanks.

Broken Destructibles

9.18 Broken Destructibles

Advertisement  Broken Destructibles Broken Destructibles mod gives you an opportunity to remove objects on the map that can be penetrated (walls for example).  On / Off – F10 Added option: …

Master Ambush By Bosomi

9.18 Master Ambush By Bosomi

Advertisement Master Ambush By Bosomi [kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/AzToADf9HqQ” ] – will calculate EVERY bush between you and the target – shows you EXACT camo between you and the target – priceless … Mod “Armor learning in the hangar” for WOT

Advertisement Interested to see all the tank weaknesses in your hangar? This mod gives you that opportunity. This modification is part of the ProTanki modpack, one of the most popular and …

Smooth Scope Zoom

9.17 Smooth Scope Zoom by Artasan

Advertisement Smooth Scope Zoom Smooth Scope Zoom mod features 30x sniper zoom. So if you are interested in hunting bugs on enemy tank or see the fear in eyes of …