VANGA AimBOT   settings: Lportii Version: WOT\res_mods\0.9.20\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_aim_lportii.xml source link Download link Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers.  

AimBot Shaytan

9.20 [ZJ] AimBot Shaytan

AimBot Shaytan AimBot Shaytan is active until September 21, 2017. Download link for full version please contact us at modwotmod@gmail.com   Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or …

test server AutoAim mod SAE

9.20 AutoAim mod by SAE

AutoAim mod SAE AutoAim mod SAE is updated for the 9.20 version of the World of Tanks game.  ONLY for RU region Download link For NA/EU you will have to …

AutoAim Ewa Gen

9.20 AutoAim Ewa Gen 2 1.0.0

9.20.0 AutoAim Ewa Gen 2 1.0.0 AutoAim Ewa Gen is MAYBE THE BEST AIMBOT FOR WoT   the author is claiming that the aimbot is UNDETECTABLE, uses auto calculation and new …

Ogre AimBOT

9.20 Ogre AimBOT By b4it

Ogre AimBOT 9.20 Ogre AimBOT By b4it Based on the ZorroJan Shaytan Aimbot, now rewritten by b4it to be the best aimBOT out there.  UPDATED!! – fixed some bugs – …

ZJ trial


ZJ trial Whats inside:   AimBotShaytan ContourLook HitMarker ArtyPlace Laserpointer Marker Re-the Load Tundra AUTOEQUIP Devices AutoRepair Zmod Detector How to install: 1. Download pack file from the link below. …

Autoaim Darktim

9.16 Autoaim Darktim

Autoaim Darktim “To aim in tank with high speed is not so easy because you must calculate the required pre-emption. For good player it is not a problem but for a …