9.15.2 Hawg Pen XVM

posted in: Modpacks | 0 Hawg Pen XVM 6.4.5 This mod pack is full of Hawg’s 30 best mods, that Will  improve your play. This pack Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy. Its the Best pack that push all the rules too the limit on the … Continued Jove’s modpack

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Jove’s modpack is one of the most popular modpacks for World of Tanks game. It is updated for the latest version of the game. Modpack comes in Russian and English language and installation is automatic. Mods included in this modpack: Convenient … Continued Aslain’s XVM ModPack

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Aslain’s XVM ModPack is considered to be the most popular modpack in the European and US server of World of Tanks. List of improvements to the modpack: – updated XVM. – updated XVM’s clan icons packages. – updated hitzones by KoreanRandom. … Continued OMC MODPACK by Odem Mortis

posted in: Modpacks | 0 OMC MODPACK OMC MODPACK Download link OMC MODPACK link was found on their official web page which claims that it is updated for the latest version of the game. Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal … Continued

9.17 b4it

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9.17 b4it v19 b4it FREE Trial for all every Monday and Friday for full version please contact us at modwotmod@gmail.com 100% working without any issue! Totally new coded mod! 0 (ZERO) FPS decrease Download modpack Including: – 6th sense without perk ! … Continued

9.17 Protanki Multipack

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Protanki Multipack Protanki Multipack is an excelent modpack with multilanguage options and incredible variety of mods included. From damage and hitlogs to white tracks and zoom modifications, this Multipack contains everything a great tanker needs. Video:   Download modpack.   … Continued

9.17 Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY

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Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY. Check out this modpack from WHYPHY. It has all the mods that every tanker will and could ever need. Source link Download link (separated) Advanced Aiming System by … Continued

9.17 Promod

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Promod is a modpack that features some of the best and widely used mods in WOT community.   The Promod installer owns a homemade installation routine. At the start, your World of Tanks installation directory will automatically be determined.   … Continued

9.17 PFMod By Polar Fox

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9.17 PFMod By Polar Fox AWARENESS – display of installed equipment over the markers technique CHAMELEON – display collision models in battle DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap LASER – lasers EWA – aimbot MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap … Continued

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