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100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease

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– 6th sense without perk !
6th sense without the 6th sense perk with “Rudy The Dog” sound (barking) and warning sign when are you spotted.
With two options:
Yellow: You might be spotted, if the enemy crew is on 121% with BIA and additional consumables like cocacola or simmilar
Red: There is very high possibilitie that you were spotted
– RedBall
Places the red ball on the position where hidden arty has fired a shell.
– Destructibles on minimap
Indicates the positions on the minimap where the objects were destroyed by the enemy vehicles driving over.
– Tundra
Makes Trees and the bushes transparent.
– Lasers
Extends the enemy gun with the line (laser) in the aiming direction.
– Enemy Reload timer + powerbar
Shows enemy reloading and clip status with the bar, the timer and the remaining shells in the clip.
– Auto Repair (repair modules, crew health + Automatic Extinguisher)
Automaticly repairs damaged modules, heal the crew and extinguish a fire (repair kit, medic kit and manual fire extinguisher consumables must be mounted).
– Info Panel to target (Show installed modules to target + real visible distance and Maximum visible distance)
Modules and view range info panel for targeted vehicle.
– Gui setting
Possibility for in-game change mod settings in a menu in hangar.
– Chameleon
Shows the enemy vehicles in different colors coded by the penetration depth.
– Something was hit
Indicates hitting the non-visible vehicle.
– Shadow of the disappeared enemy
Places a shadow of the enemy vehicle that has just dissapeared.
– Arty splash sphere
Shows arty splash damage area.
– Red Poll
Position of the spotted enemy vehicles and last know positions outside the drawing range.
– When enemy aiming at you shows damage indicator.
Shows direction indicator when the enemy is pointing/aiming at you.
– Black Sky

The mod makes the sky black.

– X-Ray

Hot Keys:
Autoaim Numpad 0
Black Sky Control+Numpad2
Tundra Numpad 2
Laser Numpad 1



Work only simple functionality on 9.15
– Changed loading style
– Removed freezes on start client
– Changed language settings
– Language file available in folders : \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\b4it\
– Auto select language

Other modules (mods) fixed and added soon…
fast as possible


+ added Portugal & French language
+ added cheat unspotted map (when in battle 2 users b4it) may disable in config
= fixed some errors in aimbot
= disabled all old versions


+ added destructible objects in battle (Numpad7 in battle)

+ added Spain translation


+ added Chinese lang

b4it aim-two 1.2
= fix bug with back aiming
+ changed configs
+ recreate GUI settings

+ auto updater on start game
+ change old autoaim to new autoaim
+ fixed crash if not buyed
01.02.2016 all old versions will be disabled. work only 17+ versions

= fixed “Black Sky” issue
= fixed XVM minimap issue

= fixed xvm minimap issue with shoot marker (Autofocus mod)
+ added info about visible and camo info to new tanks in 9.13

+ added simple x-ray mod
+ added version controle to json files, if you use old config, mod generate error in log and load default config in memory, for recreate json, need delete old config and restart WOT
+added new flash method, you load replay and drag’n’drop flash on screen (support spotted intuition Lamp, spotted list and Target Info panel
+added new options to show in Target Info: loaded ammo to focused tank (enemy and ally), new macros in config {{shell}}
= fixed some translation issues
= changed Under fire indication, now show indication if enemy visible you
= changed json configs! Need DELETE old.
= fixed direction indicator issue in Auto Focus
= fixed bug in Auto Focus, randomly crashed game after battle
= changed Auto Focus method to find hidden enemy, now show shoot in minimap and mark who shoot
= fixed issue in reload mod, fast reload indication on start battle to ally tanks
= fixed Tundra issue in sniper mode


11 thoughts on “ b4it

  1. asfghj Reply

    Half of the mods do not work. To name a few:
    – black sky
    – destructible mod
    – red ball
    – red poll
    – repair mod
    – reload timer
    – sixth sense mod

    They all do not work…

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      Thank you for your contribution… We will immediately contact the mod programmer to fix the issues.

      • asfghj Reply

        Thanks for the quick answer, I will give the others a try.

        ZJ reload didn’t work for me either though…

    • asfghj Reply

      Ah yeah and I forgot… Besides the fact that half of the modpack isn’t working (the important half may I add) it also decreased my fps by 50%

      50%!! That’s unplayable, especially given the fact, that I don’t gain anything in exchange.

      Absolutely useless imo

      • Tankstuff Post authorReply

        I do not use it. I personally prefer either promod or protanki modpack. But to return on the matter at hand, we test vast majority of mods, but we cannot test all so quickly. Thanks for the feed back, it is being forwarded as we speak.

        • asfghj Reply

          You’re doing a great job keeping everything up to date, thanks for that.

          I usually create my own modpack, as none really perfectly fits my needs, so I like to be able to pick certain mods, like in the Whyphy Cheatpack, instead of only one file.

          I’m just waiting for a destructible mod, cause some of my clanmates already have one…

        • asfghj Reply

          As far as the protanki modpack is concerned – I can’t use because I’m playing on Mac and therefore can’t open exe files 🙂

          • Tankstuff Post author

            So far, no destructible mod is updated. I dont know what your clanmates are claiming, but as far as I know, it is not updated. On the other hand, you can check the OCM modpack on the link here: http://sh.st/LdOiu

            I did not put it in a post yet, but I will during the day.

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