AutoAIM And Snapping By Chodak Krzysztof

AutoAIM AutoAIM And Snapping By Chodak Krzysztof



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Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers. 

20 thoughts on “ AutoAIM And Snapping By Chodak Krzysztof

  1. vicomte Reply


    it does not work for me!
    If anyone knows, please help me!
    Exactly what and where to copy it to work?
    in the game, which button I activate: on and off?

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      You put it in the mods folder… for example: ‘C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods’, both the config and the folders

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Works fine
    (if you put it in the right folder (mods not res_mods)

  3. DRAGON Reply

    Even without working, is this really working as before or is it just another way to generate downloads?

  4. DRAGON Reply

    wilth update doesnt work, we waith for the mod update. thanks

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      That is because of WG Halloween event with the multi turret tanks… All autoaim mods went AWOL.

      Should be fixed soon. ZJ is apparently fixed, you can try and check that until chodak releases his mod.

  5. rey carroll Reply

    works just open it up replace the mod and res mod folders then go in to the folders and change it from 9.19.1 to

    • YOYOMonkey Reply

      whats with the other 2 folders. Do you need to use all 3 folders for mod to work?

    • karel Reply

      this mod illegal its available in game if the bot gives lead to the shot its illegal this one not just snaps on

  6. Anonymous Reply

    actualizar a 917.01

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