AutoAim mod by SAE

AutoAim mod SAE

AutoAim mod SAE

AutoAim mod SAE is updated for the version of the World of Tanks game.

 ONLY for RU region

Download link

For NA/EU you will have to register and get validated at BlackWoT Forum.


Source Link

Some of the users may experience difficulties with configuring the mod files… If you are one of them, or if you are not interested in doing it yourself, there is a config file done for you by Snou987 and Max Jaar for you to download on the links below:


Config download link 1

Config download link 2


AutoAim mod SAE

AutoAim mod SAE

AutoAim mod SAE


Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers. 

36 thoughts on “ AutoAim mod by SAE

  1. Dirt_Diver Reply

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide,
    No escape from reality.

  2. Ragnar Reply

    50$ – oh really? Do we europeans look like we shit money? Look at *REAL* bots like honorbuddy – 100 times the possibilites – half the price.

  3. Sea Reply

    Was’nt there an option to use this addon “per month”? Like 3 oder 4$ or something?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    anyone who uses this crap, is a cheating hack and should be kicked from game play

  5. asfghj Reply

    The new links are not working. Ogre ninja is also not working. Running out of aimbots to try out atm tbh 🙁

  6. asfghj Reply

    Easy to configure, loads of options, and by far the best aim bot out there!

  7. Leno Reply

    cant get it to work, do get the aimbot settings ingame in garage,, but do never get the 2 circles ingame that indicate the Aim !!!!

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      There will be an update of the autoaim. It seems that the new version 9.15 of the game isn’t quite doing well…

      • Fuego Reply

        Does it work or not. What about version for 9.15 on the 6th of june?

        • Tankstuff Post authorReply

          9.15 version is working. Sae is constantly updating his mod, and we will post new updates as soon as they are available

  8. Leno Reply

    cant get to work too,, can see when it start up that a icon apper where im able to config aim bot ect ect, but no extra circle apper ingame and nothing happens at all

  9. Andy Reply

    Can’t get it to work, even though 9.14 worked
    downloading patch, clicking it and unzipping it to Install folder


  10. Anonymous Reply

    do not understand the operation of the mod.
    the mod is activated and two crosshairs appear, but the gun does not follow the enemy tank and shoot it where it is looking, what’s wrong?

  11. Dave Reply

    Hiya guys, how do you activate the aim function during a match as it doesnt seem to be doing anything even though the mod says its enabled?

  12. Dave Reply

    Hiya, i have trying to get this to work but when i play a game it doesnt seem to do anything, how do you enable the aim assist function?


  13. Anonymous Reply

    How can I change the settings as shown in the pictures? Have looked for it in the in-game settings but couldn’t find it.

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      You have the autoaim settings in the far bottom right side of the screen in your client. Alternatively, you can download custom settings and just put it in your res_mods/config folder

  14. Pegasus Reply

    The aimbot works great. Now i wanted to try the custom configs i have downloaded them. Where do they go?

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      In your World of tanks folder, in the res_mods folder is another subfolder named configs. Put it there. The default path is: C:\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs

      • Pegasus Reply

        Ok thanks for response. Now i tried that earlier as i have a folder called auto_aim in that config folder. So do i put in there or just take the folders V.1 and V.2 and paste them in the config folder only?

        • Tankstuff Post authorReply

          V.1 and V.2 are versions of the config files. Inside of that folders, there are config files, you copy that file (from V.1 and V.2) in your config folder under res_mods folder

          • Pegasus

            Guess i just am doing it wrong. When i replace the auto_aim.cfg with the one from v.1 or v.2 in the configs\ auto_aim. i do not see the config in lower right corner anymore when i log into game. Than when i copy the folder V.1 and V.2 into the config folder i do not seem them as an option in game. They both have the same name for config file. Any suggestion. thanks for help.

          • Tankstuff Post author

            Best thing to do is to try a clean install. Backup your res_mods folder, then delete everything and install only autoaim sae. V.20 has config file installed with it so you can replace it with custom configs file. Then try your mod ingame if it suits your playstyle. And if everything is good, you can install your other mods as per your wishes. Another option is to delete the config folder and replace it with Max Jaar v.1 or v.2 or with Snou987 v.1, v.2 or v.3

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      unzip it with winrar or some similar program, then copy res_mods folder in your World of Tanks location on your hard drive

  15. MightyOne Reply

    all the time its saying “End TEST period. Please update.

    what to do? how to update?

    • Tankstuff Post authorReply

      have you tried clean install? I’ve installed the autoaim sae and it is working like a charm

  16. Otorinac Post authorReply

    UPDATE: I have found the solution for PROMOD. When you are installing PROMOD make sure that the box next to Autoaim mod for snapshots is NOT clicked. Continue to install PROMOD and after that copy your res_mods and config folder over freshly installed content.

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