9.17 Promod

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Promod is a modpack that features some of the best and widely used mods in WOT community.   The Promod installer owns a homemade installation routine. At the start, your World of Tanks installation directory will automatically be determined.   … Continued

9.17 Spotted Extended light

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Spotted Extended Spotted Extended mod is designed to indicate which enemies have been spotted by the player. Estimated spotting damage ia also provided but be warned, display and calculation of spotting damage may not be accurate! The calculation will be improved … Continued

9.17 Repair Extended

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Repair Extended 9.17 Repair Extended – auto repair – auto heal – scripted extinguisher Download link Disclaimer: Some mods can be regarded as cheat or illegal on some servers. 

9.17 PFMod By Polar Fox

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9.17 PFMod By Polar Fox AWARENESS – display of installed equipment over the markers technique CHAMELEON – display collision models in battle DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap LASER – lasers EWA – aimbot MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap … Continued

World of Tanks – M60 3 Gun Marks

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World of Tanks – M60 3 Gun Marks World of Tanks – M60 3 Gun Marks   Follow Orzanel on Youtube. Follow Orzanel on Twitch. Follow Orzanel on Facebook. Follow Orzanel on Twitter. Follow Orzanel on Google+. Check out his webpage too: http://orzanel.com/

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