lportii aimbot lportii aimbot for World of Tanks

lportii aimbot (one of the modders on Vanga aimbot) created the alternative aimbot. This is one more aimbot mods for the players to chose from.



Wargaming has decided to invest their time, money and energy, NOT to IMPROVE the game, NOT to FIX the matchmaking, NOT to fight bots, NOT to correct super OP tanks, NOT to correct usage of the premium ammo or thousand other things but to fight modders. #FUWG YasenKrasen Colored Messages and Session Statistics

YasenKrasen Colored Messages and Session Statistics is a mod for all tanks enthusiasts who want to keep their eye on their gameplay. Protanki Multipack

Protanki Multipack Protanki Multipack is an excelent modpack with multilanguage options and incredible variety of mods included. From damage and hitlogs to white tracks and zoom modifications, this Multipack contains …