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Your Starter Pack Invite Code for new players includes:
• 500 Gold
• 7 Days of Premium
• 100,000 Credits
Make sure to follow the key instructions to redeem your Starter Pack while registering your new World of Tanks account.


So, what to do to get your Starter Pack Invite Code?

First, register your account and e-mail here.
After that, you will recieve your code via e-mail (it can also be viewed in account settings on Alienware arena)
Then you copy that code and:
2. Click the red “PLAY FOR FREE” button.
3. On the account creation page: enter your email, desired in-game name, and password.
4. Scroll down and click “Have an invite code?” and enter the invite code you received.
5. Click “Play for Free” to submit your account registration.
6. Verify your account registration with via email, then install and run the game. You should find the Starter Pack Invite Code bonuses already added to your account.


And voila, you got your 7 days of Premium, 100 000 credits and 500 gold.

Beware though, this code is valid only one time per account.

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