News about illegal mods

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    I will quote plazmakeks blog post so that you all get all the info on what excatly happened with Wargaming Fair Play Policy 2: ” – First data say’s that Wotspeak/Tundra users got banned. From the Wotspeak admin justdj: *Say … Continued

      Fair Play Policy for World of Tanks

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      Fair Play Policy Hello everybody. Today Wargaming announced their “fight” against illegal mods once again in their Fair Play Policy. This is a quote of their post: “Commanders, Over the course of this last year, we’ve been working hard to … Continued

        9.16 Webium modpack

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        Webium modpack Webium modpack is here and it is optimized for the latest version of the game. Here are some of screenshots of the modpack:       Download link   List of mods in modpack: XVM (minimap, hitlog, sixth … Continued

          9.16 Autoaim Darktim

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          Autoaim Darktim “To aim in tank with high speed is not so easy because you must calculate the required pre-emption. For good player it is not a problem but for a beginner – it is practically impossible. To make life easier for … Continued