9.20.1 Tundra Mod for World of Tanks

Tundra Mod takes away many destructable objects (walls etc.) so that you have clear line of sight to your enemy. Press F2 to on/off.

relhax modpack

9.20.1 The Relhax Modpack

The Relhax Modpack – The fastest, the best WoT modpack installer in the world with all the mods you could find online. A refresh of the OMC modpack.


9.20.1 b4it

6th sense without perk, RedBall, Destructibles on minimap, Tundra, Lasers, Reload timer, Auto Repair, Info Panel, Aim Bot, Chameleon, Something was hit… 

Ogre AimBOT

9.20.1 Ogre AimBOT By b4it

Ogre AimBOT is based on the ZorroJan Shaytan Aimbot, now rewritten by b4it to be the best autoaim/aimBOT for World of Tanks game.

MeltyMaps MathMod

9.20.1 MeltyMap’s MathMod

MeltyMaps MathMod was sourced from the Chinese Community Forums. It is compatible with the latest version of the World of Tanks.

9.20.1 [ZJ] Marker Re-Load updated version

ZJ Marker Re-Load is demo version whose working period is constantly updated. If you are Windows 10 user, you need to install font separately. 

HitMarker Build

9.20.1 [ZJ] HitMarker Build 018 Demo By ZorroJan

[ZJ] HitMarker Build 018 Demo By ZorroJan is a mod made by ZorroJan and shows you hit marker on tanks so that you could keep track of your success.

9.20.1 [ZJ] ContourLook By ZorroJan

ContourLook ZorroJan. Mod for different tank icons and user interface. The mod is optimized for latest version of World of Tanks.

AimBot Shaytan

9.20.1 [ZJ] AimBot Shaytan

AimBot Shaytan is a demo version of aimbot mod. AimBot Shaytan is no longer available for free. It is now pay to use part of the ZJ modpack